Learning sessions

 AI + Spaced Repetition 

Learning Cantonese has never been so easy and fast.
Our study technique based on spaced repetition ensures long-lasting and effortless learning.

The following 4 modules are worked on during the sessions, but feel free to target the modules that interest you most!


Learn to draw characters naturally until you have mastered them completely.
You can choose to study characters in their simplified or traditional form.


Learn to translate your characters, words and phrases from Chinese into English and vice versa.
Our algorithm ensures that you master their translation in both directions.


Learn the tones of each character in a natural way.
Tracing the tones allows you to associate the gesture with the sound and to retain them permanently.


Learn the pronunciation of your characters, words and phrases from their pīnyīn/zhùyīn transcription.
This module helps to consolidate the learning of tones.

Detailed statistics

Follow your progress with detailed statistics by module.

Numerous data are available to help you learn:
accuracy, number of characters mastered, errors, number of elements studied...

Optimized for iPad/tablets

Cantonese Guru is even more powerful on iPad/tablets.
The two-columns interface makes it easy to browse your lists or the dictionary.

 Cantonese Guru

UI available in

English, Français, Español, Deustch, Magyar, Türkçe, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, Bahasa Indonesia, Русский


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